Standoff bolts-glass anchors

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Clear Glass Solutions have a large product range of stand Off Bolts. We supply strong, durable  quality products at the right price all of the time!

Structural Glass Standoffs

-Manufactured from 316 marine grade stainless steel.

– Designed to suit 10, 12, 15 and 17mm glass

– Modular components for simplicity and versatility of design.

– Fully engineered to AS1288 (glass in buildings) and tested to AS1926 (swimming pool fencing code)

– Competitive economical pricing

Stand Off Bolts diameter

We supply stand off bolts in diameters of 30, 38, 50mm OD and custom diameters where required.

Button Heads

Our button heads come in several formats including flat, beveled and dome shaped

Spacer Bodies

Our glass anchor spacer bodies are manufactured from Solid SS316 bar. Manufacturing from solid bar allows you complete satisfaction in strength and longevity of product. Spacer bodies can be in lengths of 10mm up to 200mm. We manufacture custom lengths so essentially anything is a possibility.

Standard Lengths are:





Standoff Accessories


-Lag screws and studs

-Plastic and SS washers and bushes

-Threaded spacer bodies

-Balustrade handrail fittings

-Balustrade clamps

-Custom manufactured parts

Adjustable stand off bodies. Model HG1

There are times when a little adjustment on stand offs is required and Clear Glass Solutions have the product for this situation. Our HG1 Adjustable stand offs come with a spacer body that is threaded. This allows the body to be turned and extended

Quality Assurance:

Our stand off bolts are manufactured from ss316 solid bar and undergo quality assurance testing procedures on each batch.

Before packaging, each standoff is visually sighted to ensure it will meet our and our client’s demands.


Our polishing machines are well established and we polish all external components. We can polish to finishes of  satin, brushed or mirror finishing. We can also electro polish our glass anchors where required.

Architects and Specifier’s:

Architects and installers can specify Clear Glass Solutions stand off bolts  safely in the knowledge that our products are strong, durable, dependable and well priced.