Balustrade Fittings

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balustrade clamp dimensional drawings and product codes

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Glass Handrail Fittings

Clear Glass Solutions have a large product list of balustrade clamps and stand Off Bolts. We are proud of our balustrade clamp range and supply strong quality products at the right price.

Clamp Sizes:

We supply balustrade clamps to suit 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm glass. We supply rubber gaskets for 3 glass sizes in each packet and do not charge extra for the additional gaskets. Each balustrade fitting is individually boxed with protective covers to ensure the product arrives in pristine condition

Stand Off Bolts

We supply stand off bolts in diameters of 30, 38, 50 and custom diameters where required. Our spacer bodies are solid and can be in lengths of 10mm to 200mm.

IDAFGC Spider Fitting:

Our IDAFGC range of spider fittings are proving to be very popular with Architects, building owners and installers. They are a simple articulated fitting that can be used on flat or round posts. The finished look is attractive and the fitting is suitable for 6, 8, 10 and 12mm glass.

Quality Assurance:

Our balustrade clamps are cast from ss316 material and undergo quality assurance testing procedures on each batch. We test for chemical composition and casting imperfections on multiple samples.

Before packaging, each clamp is visually sighted to ensure it will meet our and our client’s demands.


Our polishing machines are well established and we polish all external components. We can polish for satin, brushed or mirror finishing. We can also electro polish our clamps where required.

Architects and Specifiers:

Architects and installers can specify and use our balustrade fittings safely in the knowledge that our clamps are strong, durable, dependable and well priced.