Fin Spider fitting Series

Fin Spider fitting series from Clear Glass Solutions

Clear Glass Solutions have an extensive range of fin spider fittings for facades and glass awnings. Our standard range is shown here. This is representative of our range. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out the fittings that we have to finish your project .

CAD drawings available on request.


Fin Spiders fittings details:

  • Manufactured from SS316, SS316L or Duplex 2205 material
  • Finish offered is Satin or chrome mirror polish
  • Color Stainless steel available. BLACK/ White/Bronze/Green/Blue etc. 
  • Light, Medium and heavy duty ranges available
  • Sold as pairs, single units and even a combination
  • Backing plates available
  • single arm 45 degree versions available. See Set E for details.

DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: For ease of use we have put each spider fitting into a configuration called SETS. All you need to do is download and order the sets that are applicable. This eliminates any form of confusion and has been very well received by our clients:

We have suggested suitable routel connectors that work with each set. We have an extensive range of other routels that may be appropriate to your needs. Contact us for guidance or advice in selecting the correct spider and routel combinations

Download Set combinations below:

2004SET-A technical drawings

2004SET-B technical drawings

2004SET-C technical drawings

2004SET-D technical drawings

2004SET-E technical drawings

2004SET-F technical drawings

2004SET-G technical drawings

2004SET-H technical drawings

2004SET-I technical drawings

2004SET-J technical drawings

2004SET-K technical drawings

2004-6-445-2 technical drawings