Acid Etched Glass

Spandrel Glass/ Obscure Glass:

Glass with an opaque or only slightly translucent colored coating, generally ceramic, fired on its rear face, which is used to glaze sections of wall to conceal structural members, mechanical equipment, and other building components. It is most commonly used to glaze spandrel panels of high-rise curtain walls

Clear glass Solutions have several options for toughened Obscure glass panels. Acid etched glass and ceramic frosted glass are both suitable alternatives for monolithic toughened glass applications.  White inter layers for laminated glass is an excellent choice where safety glass is required.

Colours available:

Clear Glass Solutions supply standard colours from RAL and Pantene

Pantene / RAL  Color Charts

Acid Etch Glass

Acid etch is available for toughened float glass to give it an obscure appearance. Frosting allows light to be transmitted through the glass whilst providing privacy. Acid etch has a uniform satin like appearance and has domestic and commercial applications.

Options are Sandblasted with acid etched

1.  Sandblasted glass -----not that easy to  clean----surface is rough.-----Price is cheapest

2. Sandblasted + chemical etched surface, -----easier to clean---surface is rough.-----Price is higher than other two.

3. Chemical etched --- easy to clean---surface is smooth.-----price is middle.

4. Colors offered include smoke, Blue, Green 

Maximum size is 2400 * 1500

Frosted Ceramic - Ceramic Frit Glass

Frosted ceramic is a finish that is baked onto glass to provide greater privacy then acid etch.  Frosting allows light to be transmitted through the glass whilst providing significant privacy. Frosted Ceramic is a very neat finish and is a more robust finish then acid etched glass. Frosted ceramic is perfect for high traffic areas such as offices, meeting rooms, doctor’s surgeries, shopping centers, shower screens, balustrades or glass curtains and partition walls.


Ceramic Frit

Available in a variety of colors to harmonize or contrast with the vision area, the ceramic frit is applied to the #2 surface of the glass. Ceramic enamel frits contain finely ground glass mixed with inorganic pigments to produce a desired color. The coated glass is then heated to about 1,150°F, fusing the frit to the glass surface, which produces a ceramic coating almost as hard and tough as the glass itself. A fired ceramic frit is durable and resists scratching, chipping, peeling, fading and chemical attacks.


Ceramic Frost Patterns - Ceramic Frost Glass Logos

Company Logo’s are very popular for use in Glass and project your company image to all guests and clients. Clear Glass Solutions can supply ceramic frosted glass in patterns or your company’s logo. Contact us to see what we can do for you and help you project the corporate image you are looking for.


Spandrel glass can be installed monolithically, using many of our stainless steel support options, and is often found as a component of an insulating glass unit. Reflective spandrel glass units are widely used when a uniform all-glass look is desired for the building exterior. Typical applications include commercial fixed windows, curtain walls, storefronts and wall cladding. Spandrel glass is traditionally an opaque material not intended for use in vision areas.

Specifiers can nominate Clear Glass Solutions as a preferred or alternative supplier.