Switch Glass FAQ’s

Switchable Glass FAQ’s

1. When the power is on, what color is the glass?

It is clear

2. Can it work the other way so when the power is off, the glass is clear?


3. How much does switchable glass cost?

Price is dictated by many factors including volume, glass makeup and cutting yield. Price can vary from $950 per square meter to over $2000 per square meter for curved double glazed switchable glass. Price Examples for 5 square meter’s are:

: 11.14 switchable glass  is approx $6500 excluding GST, delivery and power supplies

: 5 square meters of Double glazing is $7500 excluding GST, delivery and power supplies

: transformer kits are $326 plus GST

4. Can I get a quote over the phone?

NO! The only way to get a quote is by completing our quote calculation spreadsheet and emailing it to us.


5. How does it work?

The film between the 2 glass panels has liquid crystals that react to power and becomes clear. Its magic!

6. I want to install it in my bathroom. Can this be done?

Yes. Switchable glass is laminated glass and the edges need to be fully framed and water sealed. A Frameless application of switchable glass is not appropriate as the edges will delaminate

7. How is it installed?

It is laminated glass and is installed with a full silicon seal into windows or frame. The glass will have wires coming out of the buzz bar at the top/ bottom or sides according to the clients requirements. An electrician then connects the wires to light switch, transformer and power.

8. I have windows already. Can you add it to my current windows?


9. I want to use it for external windows. Is there anything special that I need

Generally we recommend installing into Double Glazed Units with the use of a low-e glass as the outside surface. 

10. Can you arrange installation?

NO! We are a wholesale glass supply company.  Any glazier can install this glass. An electrician is required to do the wiring. 

11. Can you give me the contact details of your preferred installers?

NO! We do not advertise preferred installers as all of our clients are appreciated.

12. What is the lead time for glass?

Depending on the volume around 6 to 8 weeks

13. How long does it last?

Life span is in excess of 50,000 hours in operable mode

14.  Can you make me switchable glass for my vehicle number plates?


15. Can you make switchable glass for 12 volt vehicle applications?


16. Do you supply frames around the glass?

NO. We supply the glass and the transformer kits

17. Can I use it in a sky light?

The Australian summer sun is very strong as we all know. The UV is high, especially on skylights. Our experience is that switchable glass exposed to high temperature and high UV does deteriorate more quickly then the same glass utilized in an internal application.