CGS Smart Blinds

CGS Smart Blinds are  fully integrated double glazed units with electric Venetian blinds inside the glass.

Imagine never having to clean or dust your blinds again. The blinds are 100% protected from the environment leaving you with a seamless clear unobstructed views, partial or total privacy

Product Description: CGS Smart Blinds: Double glazed with electric blinds 

Clear Glass Solutions offer double glazed units with fully integrated electric blinds built into the Double glazed unit. This gives a neat, uniform appearance, leaving the user free to use a shading element of their choice without breaking the overall appearance designed by the architects.

The system is encapsulated inside in a double glazed unit and will never collect dust, dirt or bacteria. A system that does not require cleaning and can be operated with a switch or using smart home technology.

With more natural sunlight coming inside during the winter and less heat penetrating during the summer, the system helps to reduce the overall levels of energy consumed therefore making it ideal for both artificial light and climate control. CGS Smart blinds will help to lower your electricity consumption and meet 5 star energy ratings.

Glass options includel: Color tinted glass, reflective glass, and Low-e glass could be used to saving more heating and cooling costs. The aluminium spacer with the air gap in double glazed units makes our system more sophisticated, energy saving and eco-friendly to the surrounding environment.

Applications include but are not limited to: windows and doors, office partitions, curtain walls, facades, conference rooms, meeting rooms, Hospitality Projection, Restaurants, home theater rooms, etc. The opportunities are almost endless.

Double glazed with electric blinds makes your world more comfortable and easy to fit with other benefits being :

Safety: the whole system consists of multiple glazing options including heat-strengthened glass, toughened glass or laminate glass which means safety won’t a problem for you and your family.

Environment: with laminated glass, the system can resist more than 90% infrared radiation and more than 98% UV-ray.

Sound reducing insulation: Double glazed systems can effectively block all kinds of annoying noises including traffic, environment and noise associated with industry and population


Max Size: W1900mm*H3500mm, the biggest area smaller than 3.5 square meters for 20mm spacer double glazed;

Max size for 27mm spacer: 4.5 square meters.

Glass spec: the clear toughened glass as standard. Other glass options include, toughened Low-Iron Glass, toughened, tinted glass , colored laminates, switchable and heat-strengthened glass options are available.

Spacer choice: 20mm and 27mm.

Blinds spec: 12.5mm width and 0.18mm thickness

Blinds color: white, gold and grey as standard. Customized colors from the RAL color chart are acceptable, however additional costs may be incurred.

Electrical performance:

Operating Voltage: AC240V

Frequency Range: 50HZ ~ 60HZ

Electricity voltage: input 105V-245V and output 24V

Operation direction: from Top to Bottom. New blinds are being developed that operate from bottom to top.

Warranty: 3 years