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June 2018

Our new showroom is up and running. We have many types of glass samples on display, Balustrade systems, Spider fittings and switchable glass. We also have our trademarked “Tranquility Glass” tinted obscure glass on display. Please feel free to drop in to visit us to see what we have for you. You can book an appointment time with Phil if you wish for total personalized service

Glass cleaners, self cleaning glass etc is all available. 


November 2017

Matt Black Spigots now available

October 2017

After many weather and development delays, our new showroom is under construction with occupancy Late Dec 2017. We will be offering full Australia wide and international video conferencing, Meetings with architects and installers. A full showroom of all glass types facade and balustrade systems. You can drop in or book an appointment to be given custom guidance in selecting the right glass and hardware for your project. You can meet with our preferred aluminium and stainless steel fabricators. 


March 2017

We are in the process of building our new warehouse and showroom in Pakenham Business park and to celebrate we are having a huge sale. Our grand opening will include Switchable glass at HALF price!  We will send more information in our newsletter and facebook page


May 2016

We are delighted to announce that we are offering stainless steel fittings in colors. The color options are enormous but we will keep it simple and simply use standard RAL colors with our preference being Black, Gold, Rose Gold

Attached is an image of a spider fitting that is colored black. We will be offering spiders/ routels/ stand off bolts/ spigots / shower hinges etc in these colors. All fittings are custom made so lead times apply.

Black-Spider fittingGold_stainless_steel_colorsCopper_color_stainless_steel2



February 2016

We have not updated our news feed for a considerable time and much has occurred with many exciting projects completed and underway. The latest update is the introduction of our CGS smart rail base channel which has received a wonderful response. Inventory is arriving April 2016 and we are offering a large discount for clients wishing to pre-order.

Clients are placing orders to secure the initial run of stock which will be offered in a satin steel finish. It will be priced at $249 plus GST per length, however the first batch we will be offering at $179 per meter plus GST and delivery.

November 2013 Update

It has been a busy few months and there is much happening. Our new Handrail systems are coming on-line very quickly with our first channel system release in July 2013 followed by our second base channel system which is due for release in November 2013.

Our new (yet to be named) aluminium hand rail system designed to compliment our existing 54 series is currently in the process of die preparation and engineering. We anticipate loads of 1.5 KN as standard with the potential to increase to 3.0 KN’s. Join our mailing list to keep abreast of the products as they come on-line.

January 2013 Update

We have just launched our aluminum railing system onto the Australian market. This website is being upgraded progressively over the next 3 months with our stainless railing systems to include pictures, technical data and CAD files for specifiers. Downloads will be available on this website. Prelim details are already available on our balustrade systems pages

New products released Nov 2011



We are delighted to announce that we now provide digital printing for glass. This means that we can print almost anything onto a glass panel. The technology is impressive and the applications are VAST.

We will post a webpage soon displaying this product. In the meantime, if you have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

New products to be released Feb 2012

Tactile Ground Surface Indicators

A range of tactile ground surface indicators is currently under production. These will be available from January 2012.

LED Glass

Clear Glass Solutions will soon be releasing LED glass. Essentially this is a laminated glass that changes color. The applications are many including balustrades, facades, foyers and display walls. We anticipate a release date of Feb 2012

Touch Screen Switchable Glass

Touch screen switchable glass is switchable glass that operates as per normal BUT is projected onto. You can then use the panel as a touch screen device as you would any tablet or phone device.. Imagine a 100 inch glass display panel that is clear until needed. Then it is a movie screen, white board, touch screen or display board. This IS the future for business, home entertainment and classrooms. We have working models at present and we are constantly refining the technology. A new web page will soon be launched followed by the product launch.

New Hydraulic hinge Range Launched. Introducing the NRG range

Our new NRG series of hydraulic hinges for glass fencing and glass doors entry systems  has just been released.

The NRG range is manufactured from stainless steel ensuring that they are ideal for internal and external application.

The NRG hydraulic hinge range is all encompassing ensuring almost any door can utilize this attractive hinge range. Because these units are hydraulic, adjusting closing speed is a simple adjustment taking mere seconds. The NRG hinge series are  dual speed hinge so they slow before the door closes for a smooth close. The NRG range is perfect to compliment modern architecture and design.

Stainless steel gate latches have been launched

We are delighted to announce that our stainless steel range of gate latches has also been launched. These latches are designed to compliment our impressive NRG hydraulic hinge range. This gives our clients the largest range of glass door fittings ensuring that we have any fitting to suit every application. No matter who you call, make certain that you look at our new range of fittings.

Glass Louvre’s

Clear Glass Solutions now supply glass louvers on a larger scale. Look out for our new page which will have plenty of information

Adjustable Stand Off Bolts

Contractors have often asked us for an adjustable stand off bolt. The stand Off  is exceptional quality, is impressive aesthetically and very well priced.


As usual, we have a monthly specials and currently we have our FS1 Mini Post on Special. Normal price is $109, but currently they are $79 each in Polished or satin Finish.

Click onto our specials page on a regular basis to see our current specials.

Current Commercial Projects

Currently we have glass and stainless steel fittings being installed into the following commercial projects.

RMIT Building Melbourne. Ceramic Frosted glass and toughened laminate glass

The Macrossan Apartments Brisbane.

MCG Melbourne Cricket Ground Corporate Boxes

Honda Car dealership Brighton

Swinburne University Melbourne

Glencorp Mining building Sydney

Check back regularly to see our current news including up coming product details