Clear Glass Solutions is offering specials on Mini Posts, Toughened laminates, Spider fittings and balustrade clamps  for the month of august 2012

Please contact us to see how we can save you on any of our products.

Victorian glass pool fencing clients can order direct through our factory outlet at our sister company

Specials for month of February 2011

Clear Glass Solutions Constantly have products on special. Our special prices apply to orders received in the week in which they are offered.

Currently we are offering strong pricing on commercial quantities of custom sized toughened glass and toughened laminated glass.

This includes all of our toughened glass, toughened laminates, high performance laminates.

Glass Price Specials based on a minimum 100 Square meters

15mm clear toughened glass $POA Per square meter including polished edges

12.38mm toughened laminate $109 Per square meter including polished edges

17.52mm toughened laminate $199 Per square meter including polished edges

12mm Curved Toughened Glass $395 Per Square meter including polished edges

Switchable Glass.. Normally $1300 to $1500 Per Square Meter. Major price reductions at the moment!

Spigots/ Mini Posts Specials

FS1  Mini Posts Mirror finish $89 each

Pc50 Mini Posts Satin finish $99 each

PCD mini Posts Mirror finish $89 each

PCC Mini Posts Mirror finish $84 each

PCR anodized aluminum mini posts $69 each

New Release FS1 Mini Posts Satin/Mirror finish $89

Balustrade clamps Model 1183 Mirror finish $13 each

Prices do not include GST or delivery.

Terms and conditions do apply